The Alto Active-8 is a complete, active PA system designed for on-the-go use. Pull up the telescoping handle, tilt it back onto the recessed wheels, and take your Alto Active-8 with you wherever you go. Once you’re there, simple single-button pairing allows you to instantly stream audio from any Bluetooth-enabled device.  Alto Professional Active-8 is the ultimate mobile PA, perfect for outdoor parties, live gigs, business meetings, sporting events and tailgate parties.

In addition to Bluetooth connectivity, Alto Active-8 also offers a combo XLR+1/4” microphone/line input, a ¼” instrument/line input, and a stereo 1/8” auxiliary input to accommodate almost any source—microphone, guitar, keyboard, computer, drum machine, CD or MP3 player—whatever you need. Use Alto Active-8 for live performances, to play recorded music or to make announcements with the included microphone. Alto Active-8 is has a powerful low-distortion amplifier and a high-efficiency 2-way speaker with a rugged 8-inch woofer. This audio system delivers solid lows and crisp, detailed highs that can be heard more than 150 feet away—ideal for any outdoor activity.

The convenient built-in rechargeable battery delivers up to 50 hours of power for the audio amplifier.  The USB charging port enables you to charge your device while you stream audio. You can also plug Alto Active-8 into an AC outlet for unlimited operation time. Take Alto Active-8 with you wherever you go. You''''ll spend less time setting up and more time enjoying great sound.

50 Watts Peak, 25 Watts Continuous XLR+1/4" combo input 1/4" line/guitar input 1/8" Stereo aux input USB charging port (5V, 2.1A) 8" low frequency driver 1" compression tweeter * specs subject to change

Front Panel
1. Mic/Line Input with Volume
Control (XLR-1/4”): This
mono input accepts a XLR1/4”
(6.35 mm) input such as
a microphone or other
musical instrument.
2. Instrument/Mic Input with Volume Control: 1/4” (6.35 mm) TS input, high-impedance for
3. Auxiliary Input with Volume Control: This stereo 1/8” (3.5 mm) input can be used to
connect a CD player, MP3 player, or other audio source. The volume control adjusts
auxiliary input and Bluetooth volume.
4. Bluetooth: The Paired LED will be lit when a device is paired to ACTIVE-8 Wireless. This
LED will not be lit when ACTIVE-8 Wireless is first powered on (unless it was previously
paired with a device). Press the Disconnect button to disconnect a paired Bluetooth
5. Master Volume Control: This adjusts the speaker’s main mix volume, which includes
Instrument/Microphone Inputs, Auxiliary Input, and the audio of a paired Bluetooth device.
6. Power LED: Indicates whether ACTIVE-8 Wireless is on or off.
Top Panel
7. Battery Level Indicator: While the unit is powered
on, these four lights indicate the power left in the
battery. Battery life varies based on volume and
8. Device Charge: Connect your device’s charge cable here to charge it. USB charging only
functions when the unit’s power is turned on.
Note: Users with iPad (3rd generation) may experience slower charging. We recommend
charging with the screen locked when using iPad (3rd generation).
Rear Panel
9. Power Cable Input (IEC): Insert the included power cable here to
charge the unit. Note that the ACTIVE-8 Wireless can run off the
power adapter while it simultaneously charges the battery. The
charge indicator illuminates when the battery is charging.
10. Fuse: If a unit’s fuse is broken, replace it with a fuse with an
appropriate rating. Using a fuse with an incorrect rating can
damage the unit and/or fuse.
11. Power On/Off Switch: Turns ACTIVE-8 Wireless on or off. Please note that while ACTIVE8
Wireless is connected to a power source, it does not need to be powered on to charge
the battery